Jennifer and Ashley

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Jennifer and Ashley´s wedding.

Jen and Ashley live in Boston in the USA, but Ashley´s parents live here on the Costa Del Sol, so they decided to marry here.

When i first met Jen for her trial, i just knew that it was going to be a emotional wedding, the attention to detail that both Jen and Ash were giving their guests were unbleieveable I actually had a tear in my eye at the trial, so I knew I  was going to have to put on the waterproof mascara  on myself a few days later for Jen´s wedding!

The wedding preperation´s were lovely, and there were lots of chatter, with 7 bridesmaids and a bride its was a little hectic…but a fun hectic!  It was VERY obvious that Jen and her bridesmaids all had a wonderful, warm and a very close connection that went back years!  One bridesmaid had even just had a baby a few weeks prior, she flew in on the day of the wedding from NYC and then flew back the next morning to be back with her baby!

One of Jen´s bridesmaids was going to sing a Ädele¨song when Jen entered the venue to get married. Whilst I was doing Jen´s make up, the bride-maid was practising her vocals to the song….I had to stop…the tears came flowing, its was SUCH a beautiful moment, the hairs stood up on my arm, and I had to grab the tissues- I composed myself and carried on.

The photographs were lovely, here are just a few of them…..and of course a list of everyone that helped to make Jen and Ashley´s day so extra special.

Jennifer and Ashley´s wedding was also featured as a special on a Blog in the states- here is the link.

Enjoy the photos, and please feel free to leave any comments!!



Wedding planner- Heather Fiesta Sol

Hair and make up artist-

Photographer- Jeremy Standley


Venue- Finca La Conception



About kathrynparr

I am a hair and make up artist based mainly on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. But also UK and Ireland. I am so lucky to be able to do what I do, i share one of the most important days with brides with them, and help the wedding party get ready, we share laughs, and also emotional (happy) tears as the bride prepares for the rest of her life with the one she loves!
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