Lie-Chen and Peter

A bride and groom can plan the day of where they would like to get married, what time, what they would like to wear, and choosing the flowers. BUT what happens on the wedding day is so magical and unplanned emotions that can come out is what helps to make a wedding so EXTRA special.

Lie- Chen and Peter live in Belgium, and when I met with Lie Chen a few days before the wedding, I knew once again I would need a tissue at hand on the wedding day!

Lie Chen looked Simply STUNNING……and was such a pleasure to be a part of their wedding day. Lie-Chen sent me a message after saying ¨You’ve done an extraordinary job, making my hair and make up sooooooo beautiful! As you could see on the pictures, Peter was really lost for words when we first met… ´


With thanks to

Wedding planner-Heather Fiesta Sol

Florist and wedding decorator. Laura charles

Venue- Hacienda San Jose

Photographer Jeremy Standley

DJ and wedding singer Ian Preston

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Jennifer and Ashley

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Jennifer and Ashley´s wedding.

Jen and Ashley live in Boston in the USA, but Ashley´s parents live here on the Costa Del Sol, so they decided to marry here.

When i first met Jen for her trial, i just knew that it was going to be a emotional wedding, the attention to detail that both Jen and Ash were giving their guests were unbleieveable I actually had a tear in my eye at the trial, so I knew I  was going to have to put on the waterproof mascara  on myself a few days later for Jen´s wedding!

The wedding preperation´s were lovely, and there were lots of chatter, with 7 bridesmaids and a bride its was a little hectic…but a fun hectic!  It was VERY obvious that Jen and her bridesmaids all had a wonderful, warm and a very close connection that went back years!  One bridesmaid had even just had a baby a few weeks prior, she flew in on the day of the wedding from NYC and then flew back the next morning to be back with her baby!

One of Jen´s bridesmaids was going to sing a Ädele¨song when Jen entered the venue to get married. Whilst I was doing Jen´s make up, the bride-maid was practising her vocals to the song….I had to stop…the tears came flowing, its was SUCH a beautiful moment, the hairs stood up on my arm, and I had to grab the tissues- I composed myself and carried on.

The photographs were lovely, here are just a few of them…..and of course a list of everyone that helped to make Jen and Ashley´s day so extra special.

Jennifer and Ashley´s wedding was also featured as a special on a Blog in the states- here is the link.

Enjoy the photos, and please feel free to leave any comments!!



Wedding planner- Heather Fiesta Sol

Hair and make up artist-

Photographer- Jeremy Standley


Venue- Finca La Conception



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Apologies for the absence !

Well you may have all been wondering where I have been since March, but i have to say I have been pretty busy since then, hectic in fact!

I am now setting aside some time each day in order to post my weddings that i have been doing this year so far.

There have been many many memorable moments so far, so i will be sure to Blog them all so that i can share them with you.

Look forward to hearing your feed back !!

Love Kathryn xx

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The Wonderful Wedding of Heather Sloane- Dublin March 18th 2011

Last Year I had the pleasure of meeting a bride by the name of Olga Powderely. Olga got married in Marbella, and along with Olga she had 4 bridesmaids which I had the opportunity in helping them all get ready in July 2010 !

One of Olga¨s bridesmaids, called Heather was getting married on March 18th 2011, In Dublin,  and I was only to happy to accept, the opportunity to help Heather and her bridesmaids get ready for the wedding

The preperation´s of Heather’s wedding was so lovely. We set up a little salon in the conservatory of her Mum and Dads house, we all had so much fun getting the bride and her 3 bridesmaids ready, it really was fab, especially as the sun was streaming through the windows , the day had such a perfect start, not a cloud in the sky!

I always recall different things when I think about the weddings that I do, and on Heathers wedding day  it was the lovely welcome that Heather, her family and friends gave me, I was so lucky to be a part of Heather´s big day. The bride  looked stunning in her wedding dress and veil as it twinkled in the Irish Sun, Heather´s Mum had a tear in her eye when she saw her daughter , which always makes me reach for the tissues!   The other thing that will transport me back to Heather´s day is the song ¨We built this city¨by starship. I had¨nt heard that song for years, but I will have happy memories when I hear it again

Many thanks again Heather and I wish you lots of Love and Happiness  for the future!

Kathryn x

Heather´s reception was


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Choosing a Bridal hair do for your Big Day!

Ok, so you have set the wedding date, organized the wedding venue, chosen flowers, invitations sent and chosen your wedding dress, now its probably time to start thinking about your ¨Look¨for your big day!

First things first, I  always say to my brides,  you still want to look like you, there would be nothing worse than walking down the aisle in your finery  and then standing next to your husband to be and then for him to think….´whoa…I dont remember dating Amy Winehouse¨…..and there  you are  standing with backcombed hair, when you have always has the lovely natural beachy wave look!

A trial is a MUST before the wedding day. I do suggest that my brides look through magazines to get ideas and inspirations. It doesnt matter if you like the back of one style and the front of another, just save all the pictures, (oh and also some pictures of styles that you really DONT want), and then at the trial the picutres can all be pieced together to see which ones would be best!

When choosing a hair style, you need to ask yourself.

  • Will this style suit me?
  • Will I feel comfortable with it?
  • Will the style have holding power?
  • Is the style something I may look back on and think ¨what was I thinking¨

A good stylist will test out different styles for you to look at and get a feel for, and also add a few ideas of her own for you to try out. Recentley I had a bride that was insisting that I  use some blonde hair extensions (even though she had never worn them before), I tried them and the look did nothing for her, she was so naturally pretty! We eventually agreed to try a different style, and she LOVED IT….its so amazing that hair can dramatically change a face shape, the bride was so happy, and completely different to what she had in mind, so a trial is so very important.

Bridal hair do´s do tend to be very soft and flowing, and not ¨set¨looking.  A classic look that will never date is the ¨soft wave¨look

Then a lovely bridal  look, that I get asked for ALOT,  is the stunning Eva Longoria

This style is perfect for softness, and also for continuity throughout the day as the hair will stay put!

Also another popular style is


If your hair isnt right and especially on your wedding day, then you just wont feel right at all, so preperation is KEY!

In a nutshell, when choosing your hair style for the wedding day!

  • Look at pictures of hairstyles, the more you have the better!
  • Take a picture of your wedding dress along to the trial with you, so your stylist can see the neckline of your dress
  • Try a few different styles, so that you can rule out anyone that you ¨may¨have been thinking about, if you dont try it, you will wonder if it would have suited you.
  • Try to take family and friends with you to the trial, its always better to have different opinions of the ones you trust around you, then you are assured to get THE perfect look!
  • Ask the stylist is he/she has any suggestions.

Also  always ask my brides to bring along any hair accessories  with them to the trial, there really are some stunning ones about at the moment. I work ALOT with Stacey Hannan . Stacey hand crafts hair accessories and her work truly is stunning. She designs a range of vintage style and contemporary bridal accessories including; decorative hair combs, hair pins, hair clips, crowns, hair bands, hair wires, hair vines and feathered combs. Stacey’s jewellery and accessory range is suitable for any occasion or an ideal gift. She can match colours for your jewellery or head dress. Each piece is designed and tailor-made with the individual in mind, using the finest materials to create exquisite creations to adorn the head and neck.!

Also real flowers can look stunning, but be careful of flowers wilting in heat!

So I hope that I  have helped you a little in choosing  the perfect wedding style!

Happy Planning

Kathryn x

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Top Tip of the day- Primer!

Primer is so important in a make up regime, and only takes a few seconds to apply!

Primers blur fine lines, fill pores and help to even out the skin tone. Its the perfect base for foundation and gives real staying power! Wear it under foundation or alone as an Instant  skin perfector

Smashbox photo finish Primer is AMAZING and most importantly…WORKS!

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Top make up Tip of the day!


By Adding as pea sized amount of Highlighter cream to your regular moisturiser will give your complexion a öh-so-subtle¨sheen. It will also make your skin appear more healthy and radiant!

Good highlighter cream Benefit High Beam

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Its going to be an exciting 2011

During my quieter time of being at home sweet home in Birmingham, I am starting up my wedding day schedules for April and May brides, although I do have my first wedding in Ireland next week, the lovely Heather Sloane,  was a bridesmaid at a wedding in Spain last June, it’s going to be a very early start but Heather will look stunning!

I am going to start adding  ¨Top make up Tips¨of the day to the Blog, please stop by and see if any work for you, and as always please feel free to comment.


Kathryn x

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A few from 2010

This gallery contains 5 photos.


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Hi and Welcome to my Blog!

To be totally honest, I am not too sure why I have a blog, who really wants  to know what I get up to in the day whilst I am at work??

After thinking about the above, I thought to myself, why should´nt I share with everyone just how wonderful my job is (which i really don´t see as a job to be honest)….

I really do Love what I do for a living, to be part of a bride´s special day, and to get caught up with the emotion, the feeling, and the special moments that a bride shares with her wedding party is wonderful, and not to mention when the father of the bride see´s his daughter for the first time in her bridal dress…….THAT has to be THE most special mome nt for me, it truly is spectacular, and I will always mop a little tear away from mywaterproof mascara!!

Please enjoy reading my blog, I  promise to share all the wonderful emotions with you all, and please feel free to comment.

Lots of Love and happiness to you all

Kathryn x


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