The Wonderful Wedding of Heather Sloane- Dublin March 18th 2011

Last Year I had the pleasure of meeting a bride by the name of Olga Powderely. Olga got married in Marbella, and along with Olga she had 4 bridesmaids which I had the opportunity in helping them all get ready in July 2010 !

One of Olga¨s bridesmaids, called Heather was getting married on March 18th 2011, In Dublin,  and I was only to happy to accept, the opportunity to help Heather and her bridesmaids get ready for the wedding

The preperation´s of Heather’s wedding was so lovely. We set up a little salon in the conservatory of her Mum and Dads house, we all had so much fun getting the bride and her 3 bridesmaids ready, it really was fab, especially as the sun was streaming through the windows , the day had such a perfect start, not a cloud in the sky!

I always recall different things when I think about the weddings that I do, and on Heathers wedding day  it was the lovely welcome that Heather, her family and friends gave me, I was so lucky to be a part of Heather´s big day. The bride  looked stunning in her wedding dress and veil as it twinkled in the Irish Sun, Heather´s Mum had a tear in her eye when she saw her daughter , which always makes me reach for the tissues!   The other thing that will transport me back to Heather´s day is the song ¨We built this city¨by starship. I had¨nt heard that song for years, but I will have happy memories when I hear it again

Many thanks again Heather and I wish you lots of Love and Happiness  for the future!

Kathryn x

Heather´s reception was


About kathrynparr

I am a hair and make up artist based mainly on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. But also UK and Ireland. I am so lucky to be able to do what I do, i share one of the most important days with brides with them, and help the wedding party get ready, we share laughs, and also emotional (happy) tears as the bride prepares for the rest of her life with the one she loves!
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