Welcome to my blog!

Hi and Welcome to my Blog!

To be totally honest, I am not too sure why I have a blog, who really wants  to know what I get up to in the day whilst I am at work??

After thinking about the above, I thought to myself, why should´nt I share with everyone just how wonderful my job is (which i really don´t see as a job to be honest)….

I really do Love what I do for a living, to be part of a bride´s special day, and to get caught up with the emotion, the feeling, and the special moments that a bride shares with her wedding party is wonderful, and not to mention when the father of the bride see´s his daughter for the first time in her bridal dress…….THAT has to be THE most special mome nt for me, it truly is spectacular, and I will always mop a little tear away from mywaterproof mascara!!

Please enjoy reading my blog, I  promise to share all the wonderful emotions with you all, and please feel free to comment.

Lots of Love and happiness to you all

Kathryn x

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